"How to Protect Your Territory, Add Value To Your Accounts and Improve Your Prospecting.... Quickly and Easily! "

Now, assuming you’re like most reps and aren’t in your accounts every week, how beneficial is it to you to be able to bridge the gaps between your sales calls? How much value would you place in having your accounts thinking positively about you when you aren’t even in the practice?

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Dear Patterson Dental Sales Reps,

If you’re like many DENTAL SALES REPS you’re OVERWHELMED with the cumulative demands of SALES, protecting your territory, UNDERSTANDING THE PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGIES you represent, DEEPENING RELATIONSHIPS, earning new business through PROSPECTING, and BRINGING VALUE to those accounts that are contributing to your commission each month.

To put it simply, as a dental sales rep you wear a lot of hats! It’s easy to be overwhelmed and stressed or simply to miss out on opportunities to grow your territory!

What If There Was a Way to Make it Easier?

Well luckily there is a way to quickly and easily market yourself, create sales opportunities and add value to your accounts! It’s called the Dental Rep Newsletter and it is a unique resource that is designed exclusively for dental reps to share with the accounts they call on. 

The Dental Rep Newsletter:

  • Provides quality content for dental offices that they’ll want to read
  • Is emailed to you each month, all you do is email to your accounts or print and deliver as part of your normal sales call
  • Markets and promotes you because it is branded with your name, picture and contact information
  • Is a great way to add value to your accounts and show you are committed to their success

Market Yourself and Add Value... Without Even Being In the Office!

Unlike traditional newsletters, the Dental Rep Newsletter is a Personalized Marketing and Informational Resource for the dental rep, literally a way to promote yourself while simultaneously providing the doctor and team with quality information that benefits their practice!

And because each edition is personalized with YOUR name, YOUR company, YOUR phone number, email and YOUR picture, it doesn’t matter who in the office is reading the newsletter….they know it is from YOU and will be thinking about YOU!

Your Personalized Custom Newsletter Will Have:
  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • A new picture each month (optional)
  • Custom email footer that matches the color and look of the newsletter

Your $34.95 Monthly Membership is cancelable anytime and provides you the flexibility of choosing whether to deliver your personalized newsletter electronically, by mail, or in person. Perfect reason to “pop by” a client’s office.


Should You Use A Personalized Newsletter?

The great thing about a personalized newsletter is that it is a valuable resource with ALL of your accounts — from your best account where you can bring additional value to your prospect, whom you’ve never gotten an order from — all of them will find something valuable in the newsletter! So that makes the newsletter a valuable resource for:

  • VETERAN REP’s with more than a few years under your belt (and a lot of miles on your car) who are looking for another way to HELP the accounts that you have great relationships with…you should be using the Dental Rep Newsletter!
  • ESTABLISHED REP’s who want to BUILD deeper relationships and PROTECT the customers you’ve got by being seen as a partner in their success…you should be using the Dental Rep Newsletter!
  • NEW REP’s who are trying to START BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS, will find the Dental Rep Newsletter can be the resource that puts your name in front of the doctor month after month…even if you’re still not getting past the front desk person!

As a Patterson rep, beginning to use your personalized newsletter is simple! All you need to do is click the button below and when prompted enter your information.

As a subscriber you get tremendous value when you subscribe — literally for less than the cost of a SINGLE business lunch you’ll have a resource to use with ALL of the accounts in your territory all month long!

To get started with your personalized newsletter for marketing yourself, growing and adding value in your territory and adding value in your territory to your accounts, simply click the button below to get started!